New Bob Hairstyles for 2013

Bob hairstyles like these look gorgeous on celebrities, do you want to try it in 2013?

Brittany Snow Bob

Brittany Snow’s slicked-back bob was serenely sweet with just the right amount of sass.

Karlie Kloss Bob

Karlie’s softly curled chin-length bob beautifully highlighted her strong features-like those super-covetable cheekbones!

Kerry Washington Bob

With curls so perfectly placed, you’d never know that Kerry’s ultra-romantic bob was actually fake! The actress pinned up her long raven tresses to give the illusion of this short, full style.

Brittany Snow Bob

We are loving the chic simplicity of Brittany’s side-parted bob!

Curls can be the most amazing way to get your bob hairstyle looking really stylish. Curly bob hairstyle is very sexy!

Angled bob hairstyle is also another hot style!

Also you can add some layers to your bob hair.

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